Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed post. Corey’s been battling the change of weather with more headaches!

She did write last night but came down with an intense migraine. By the time I got her settled, I fell asleep and forgot to post her entry (attached below)

Today was a big day at home and at Bryn Mawr.

Corey is using the walker to stand off the chair lift, walk down the hall, go to the pantry closet to pick out her breakfast, cross the kitchen to the stove, prepare her breakfast and carry it to the table. She repeated this with cooking grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

When we arrived at Bryn Mawr, it was testing day. Great news, Corey beat all her best times. She walked 500 feet in 6 minutes, 5 sit-to-stands in 23 seconds, walked ten feet in 32 seconds and climbed the staircase. Just when we thought she was finished, Natalie brought out a yoga step. She introduced Corey to a new exercise we can do at home that will strengthen her left hip and leg.

Speaking of the Left side; we were notified that she was approved for the botox shots! The pre-authorization went through. As soon as we are notified of the serum shipment, she will start her first series. Corey will get shots once every 3 months in her left arm and left leg/foot. This technique was very successful for her on the right leg when she was inpatient. I’m hoping for the same results for her left side. Keep your fingers crossed her brain agrees!

We’ve added a new picture to the gallery. Corey will explain it to you below;

hi everyone its corey,

mom took a picture of me with my new homework. this is called poppin puzzles. other people may know about it as the game called perfection. it is something of a mind boggler. there are complicated shapes that have to fit in a specific place many of them are very similar, so it’s quite tricky.

it is fun for me to play but it is also a little bit challenging because you need to be thinking of all the places they could fit. sometimes the shapes look the same.

i hope you like my new pictures in the gallery, xoxo