Hi Everyone,

In the last few weeks I think it’s more then a coincidence that I keep seeing inspirational quotes referencing persistence to overcome adversity. Quotes such as; “when the going gets tough the tough keep going”; “when going through hell, just keep going”; “when you feel like giving up remember why you started”; and my personal favorite; ”I know when one door closes another one opens but it’s hell in the hallways”!

In addition to Corey’s personal struggles regulating her emotional responses, I’ve been battling Insurance for the approval for the Botox shots and extended therapy to capitalize on the shots. I’m happy to say, we received approval for 4 shots and we will continue with the current 8 weeks of PT with the likelihood of getting an additional 12 weeks. We are also fortunate to have 12 weeks of OT that were not previously used, yet approved. This should take us through the summer…as long as the usual functional improvement can be documented.

Corey’s new OT had an evaluation session with her today. Anne is actually not new to our case; she was her inpatient therapist 3 years ago. Anne was amazed to see the progress she’s made since her discharge. She is so excited to work with Corey primarily because she CAN work with her. She reminded Corey that the last time she worked with her; she had to hold her head up because she had no neck control. She had to move each limb for her because she had no control of any of her body parts. She wasn’t capable of moving her eyes and could not speak or respond with a thumb up/down to gauge her status.

On a personal note, I have been trying to find some time to step away from the chaos. My girlfriend Suzanne kidnapped me for the day to go to Cape May, NJ. We had 45 minutes to sit on the beach and listen to the waves. Although it was only 45 minutes it felt like a weekend away! Amazing how the beach can provide such serenity. The girls and I also had a day at Longwood Gardens for a jazz festival. It was a great day; perfect weather, outstanding surroundings and excellent music. I’m hoping day excursions will become a regular part of our “mental health” therapy!

Hi everyone its corey
I am still here, don’t worry even if its been awhile; same place that I have been my whole life.

Even though we are pretty much living a new normal I just have to constantly remind myself that this is our normal. I think that our new normal is full of changes just like any ones quoted normal life.

My ‘normal’ is exercising every day but it’s also my new normal that when I am tired or angry I have to look at the big picture. Even though I don’t know how I’m getting better, my family says I am, so I have to keep trying to see it.

Staying motivated to keep trying to be positive is a way to get better, and fingers crossed, that technique will help me to stay positive, xoxo