Hi Everyone,

This week we have to focus on positive distractions. The insurance waiting game is incredibly nerve wracking, so keeping busy is the best alternative.

Today we began the day with addition flash cards. You all know Math is NOT Corey’s favorite subject but we like to switch it up so she doesn’t realize it’s actually math.

I pull out the weekly grocery circular and we plan our fictitious menu for her restaurant. We then take a field trip to the grocery store.

For those of you who know me, you won’t be surprised by the following; I took my own trip to the grocery store, walked each aisle, listed the products to coordinate with the aisle headers, and created a “Master Shopping List” that we xerox each time we go shopping. Corey uses her grocery list as a guide to find the items in the proper aisle (heaven help me if the Giant switches it’s displays).

Time to shop! Once all the items are found (scavenger hunt style) Corey checks off the item, notes the retail and/or sale price, adds up the bill and tells me what cash she’d use to purchase the groceries. She quickly reminded me that she could also use a MAC card if she doesn’t have cash. That led to the discussion of credit cards and balancing a checkbook. With an impish grin she stated, “that’s why I will hire an accountant when I own my restaurant”…I think we need some more practice with the full concept of this lesson.

Our second stop was Corey’s bridesmaid dress fitting. It still needs a little adjustment but she will look beautiful!

Today’s distractions worked.
As for tonight…my bedtime prayer will be that my dreams aren’t interrupted by my worries, xoxo