Hi Everyone,

I am currently working with a family in Maryland that have recently joined us on this crazy ride. Their son is 20. His mother sat with me asking the same questions we all begin with when we face a major challenge or life changing event; “why”, “how”, “what could we have done differently”?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a reasonable answer. Reason is based on what we already know. We now face the unexplained and reason can no longer sustain us. So what do we do when what we thought we knew suddenly becomes unreasonable?

I remember being told to hold onto HOPE. In the midst of suffering and pain, hope can be completely unreasonable. Even so, it has the power to strengthen and sustain us beyond all reasonable expectations. When working through a challenge we have to keep one foot in reality but we can’t limit ourselves to reason alone.

I shared with our new family that hope can be difficult to reason in the beginning. Sometimes you have to ‘fake’ your belief in it. Try picturing it as something tangible not spiritual. Despite facing setbacks and disappointments the perseverance inspired by this tangible image of hope can lead to new ideas, fuel stamina and help us sustain our spirit.

How many professionals told us Corey might never progress? How many times did we wonder how we would acquire the therapy, therapy tools, supplies for the renovations and manage the day-to-day conflicts? Our only recourse was to try to let ourselves go beyond reason. Our daily objective was to remember; when life is unreasonable, hope is the only thing that will allow the heart to believe what the mind could never consider, xoxo