Hi Everyone,

I received a call at 10:45am from the doctors office (I was planning to leave at 11am). My heart was in my throat as I saw the caller ID. I answered with hesitation. The nurse told me the botox arrived and was waiting for us. WHEW!…now I can make the appointment to color my hair…no more grey this week!

Corey did an amazing job handling this series of shots. Dr. F shot her left shoulder and arm with 3 shots. Front left (picture where the tip of your hand hits for the pledge of allegiance), under the inside arm (just below the arm pit) and outside lower left just above the elbow. Those shots had an anesthetic shot prior to the botox injection.

For the leg; She received 8 shots in the front and back of her left calf…without anesthetic! The size of the needles used would have frightened most people but Corey not only stayed perfectly still, she never flinched or squeezed my hand once. In fact, she was watching the ultra-sound machine and thought it was ‘really cool’. (maybe she should go into medicine instead of culinary?) This series took an hour and 10 minutes to complete. The shots need a week to 2 weeks to take affect. Even though we will be taking it easy tonight, tomorrow we are back at Bryn Mawr and she’s back in the gym!

When we arrived home, Corey and I were walking into the house; I asked her how she was feeling, was anything sore?
C – just one of my legs and I don’t know why?
M – you had botox shots in that leg
C – oh, no wonder I’m sore…when did that happen?

Sometimes short term memory loss is a good thing! xoxo