Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a successful two days. Monday Corey participated in both her therapy sessions without needing me present. This is a significant emotional step we hope to build on. Both Natalie and Anne report Corey is back at the physical level she reached just before the medication change.

Now the hard work begins. We have limited time left to make major strides forward. The affects of the Botox are wearing down and the next series will not happen until the end of December. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and nervous.

The physical gains are only part of Corey’s recovery. I finally feel she’s not only ready to start the emotional therapy but we also have a good Dr. to work with as we begin this next phase.

We met with Dr. G for 90 minutes. Corey cautiously participated in her session, politely answering his questions. She deflected some pointed questions to me with more then one humorous response.
Dr. G commented, “in the short time we’ve been together I have learned 3 very important things about you Corey”.
“1. you have a great sense of humor, 2. you have definite opinions and thoughts about most subjects and 3. you have a strong will”. I laughed out loud…in just under the first 15 minutes he summarized every parent/teacher conference I’ve attended for her since pre-school!

Corey admitted she feels like an adult but doesn’t feel as if others view her as their equal. She is tired of working with therapists and having so many people around her. She is afraid when I leave I won’t come back and she is nervous she won’t ever get well enough to be on her own.

At one point, I saw the veil of Corrine begin to drop. I asked Corey if she was becoming overwhelmed. She lurched forward and reached her hand to grasp my leg as she tried to bury her head in her arm. Dr. G knelt down next to her and asked, “give me a word that tells me what you’re feeling”.
C – fear
Dr. G – do you feel the fear physically?
Maintaining her grasp on my leg, Corey looked up at him, “yes”
Dr. G – can you tell me what your body feels like when you use that word?
Corey slowly sat back releasing my leg. She was quiet for moment processing her answer then looked at Dr. G
C – I feel pressure in my stomach and my heart jumps around
Dr. G – Do you know what I just saw?
Corey maintained eye contact.
Dr. G – I saw you sit back, take a breath and reclaim control of an emotion by talking through what overwhelmed you.
Do you know what else? This is a big change in 2 months; you wouldn’t look at me when we first met nor try to help me understand how you felt.

Corey looked over at me, smiled and returned her eye contact to Dr. G. In that moment, I knew she allowed herself to trust him; another step forward.

Persistence is not a complicated strategy. All it requires is to keep going. What’s difficult about persistence is on a bad day we’d like to set the table for a pity party and on a good day we’d like to take a few days off to rest; but we have to keep going regardless.

Corey, we could choose to look back, have resentments or get in the habit of making excuses; that would be easy. When have we ever done anything the easy way?!

Fortunately, we choose to look at life and see what’s possible. You had a dream and it hasn’t changed, it’s still your dream. Every day you take action to turn it into a reality. Do you stumble, trip and fall with each step forward? YES, everyone does, brain injury or not. You use those mis-steps to re-adjust, become centered and keep going.

Dr. G saw your strong will immediately. If I had to define it, it’s the never give up, never give in attitude that keeps you going forward even on days when there’s nothing left within you.

You know the person you want to become. You keep your daily focus on your dream and I know you can hear it calling. We will keep working to find whatever you need to answer it with, “I DID IT”! xoxo