hi everyone it is corey and my family seems to be getting in the christmas spirit. our house of course has a tree and stockings hanging on the staircase.

caitlin took me christmas shopping for my family; however, i don’t remember what i got for everybody. it seems that short term memory loss is not so bad after all because for 1. i can keep a secret and 2. it will be a surprise for everybody including me.

physically i am feeling well. my headaches have bean iffy. they are mostly bad when the weather changes, which lately has been a lot, so they’ve been bad again. i guess that answered that.

i am looking forward to this weekend because we will go and see the christmas lights at Longwood Gardens with my family. that will definitely keep us in the christmas spirit.

i hope you all will be doing something fun this weekend with people you love, to feel the christmas spirit, too. isn’t that what this time of year is about after all?

i think so anyway, xoxo