Hello everybody this is corey beattie

I do realize it has been quite some time since I have reached out, however, i am still reading your daily posts.

And reading posts daily gives me motivation to go on with the rest of my day whatever is in store for me.

I went down to Washington, D.C. to visit Congressman Bill Pascrell last week.

He asked about how i am continuing to get better and if I am still cooking. He said that he liked pasta and I was said, “that is easy”! So then he gave me a challenge to make tomato sauce and prove it. He asked me, What do you think of the challenge? Ohhh I was taken aback and said, “sure game on”! I told him he does not know me very well. if he gives me a challenge, my goal is to meet it ten times over; so it was like the ultimate goal for me to reach. He said that is why I am getting better and an inspiration to other people.

Even though I have been having trouble with my knee we are trying to figure out if i need a brace to make me feel better however i do not like that because adding more parts to my body makes me feel asthough I am going backwards

I hope that you all have been well. thats all for now. have a good night, xoxo