Hi Everyone,

When someone asks “how was your day”? I think I will coin the phrase “it was a brain injury day”.

For those of you wondering what that means, it’s one of those days that all bets are off. Any continuity you have grown accustomed to is short circuited. There is no logic and no explanation. Trite sayings like ‘one day at a time’ turn into ‘one nano-second at a time’. Brain Injury blindsides us daily.

Corey’s been on another emotional roller coaster. One minute we have amazing, profound clarity (ie. her entry yesterday) and in the next breath, buckle up because she will steer you thru gravity defying loopty-loops you never saw coming!

We need to ask for a few prayers for balance, anxiety relief, serenity, understanding and patience.

Our quote for tomorrow;
In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins. Not thru strength, but thru persistence…Time to snap the locks of our life preserver and jump back in, xoxo