Hi Everyone, it’s Corey and Marie

We are busy writing our next talk for the Brain Injury Association of PA’s 15th Annual Conference – June 28-30th. We will be speaking on Sunday night. This years topic is ‘Making the Most of Today – Planning for the Future’. That’s the perfect topic for us!

Our speech is entitled ‘Incorporating LIFE into your recovery – creating your own roadmap’. We chose this title to share with other families some of our creative strategies we use to rebuild our new normal.
C – that is what we are living; a new, different type of normal
C – it is important to figure out how to keep living and not get wrapped up in negativity. How do we stay positive to keep moving forward because that is important to us.

Every survivor has a different story and a different outcome. We all travel on different paths even though we travel together. Conventions like this help us share ideas, positive stories, encouragement and we learn from each other on varied topics.

C – I like to go because being the person who has brain injury i enjoy learning new ways to help me. and meeting other people, hearing someone’s positive outlook on life, gives me inspiration to keep on trying to get better.

C – by the way if any of you reading this wondered, I am not nervous to speak in front of people at all. thankfully since I was a competitive cheerleader, that experience got me ready for being in front of a lot of people.

C – overall i do believe i am looking forward to talking in front of everyone and taking more classes to learn about brain injury. before I get too excited I better get my speech written! xox