Hi Everyone,

If anyone felt a strong breeze pass over them yesterday, I’m sure it was from the monumental exhale of my sigh of relief! Good news…no GREAT news!

Remember the saying, “When one door closes another door opens”? The last 10 days in the “hallway of opportunity” has felt like a year! We have been waiting with baited breath for the University of Delaware to call us about changing the protocol for their research study. Corey’s cognitive score for the study evaluation did not pass the minimum requirement. Dr. Galloway and Devina, his PhD student, were very disappointed but saw great potential within Corey and believed so confidently in their study, they contacted the Independent Review Board (IRB) asking for an exception to re-write/adjust their study criteria. This would benefit not only Corey but future TBI candidates as well.

The research for long-term rehab progress of TBI survivors is nearly non-existent. We’ve all taken Science classes. Studies typically require a control group. The control group consists of subjects with similar qualities/abilities. The subjects participate in a specific task to quantify the projected results set by an outcome the clinician is trying to prove.

Herein lies the reason most research teams do not study TBI long-term. Brain Injuries are like fingerprints, no 2 are the same. The brain injury research world cannot find a control group. However, studies that are conducted with an ‘outcome-based’ approach are what will break the barriers needed to advance rehab in this arena. If clinicians and scientists create their theories/studies from this perspective, their quest to prove Neuro-plasticity strengthens, rebuilds and creates new pathways (well beyond the 2year post-injury milestone) will open the world of recovery options for TBI survivors.

Dr. Cole Galloway and Devina Kumar are the first two clinicians to challenge this frontier. The explanation of Corey’s abilities in 2 out of the 3 qualifying components was the basis for their request. Their ‘immersion in a workplace environment’ theory for TBI survivors who have advanced from severe injury to moderate injury will advance neuro-plasticity; strengthening physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral connections for their subjects.

Corey is officially the 2nd subject for their research project in the GoBabyGo Café.
This opportunity will give her the master key to open any door she wants!
We can’t thank them enough! xoxo