Hi Everyone,

It’s been a LONG but very good day for Miss Corey. You might not think it, but dressing herself this morning took a great deal of energy and concentration. I was worried because today was EVAL day. We usually try to make Corey take it easy so she can perform her best, but when she reached for her clothes and started dressing herself, I didn’t want to discourage her independence. When I watched her succeed with each piece, I didn’t want to stop her.

By the time we arrived at UofD, Corey was very tired. After the first part of her eval, she was exhausted. She never waivered and continued to push for her best for 4 hours. Every time Devina asked if she needed a break, Corey said, ‘no, I’m good, let’s try it again’ or ‘I’m ready’. Towards the end of the eval, Devina asked what number she would rate her fatigue. “1 is ready to go and 10 is OMG let me lie down or I’ll never get up again”. Corey thought for a long time and answered, “a 4…it’s not so bad”…with that she yawned…I have no idea where this woman goes to reach inside herself and pull out strength only an olympic athelete could understand.

Highlights of her 3rd Eval…Devina is thrilled Corey continues to improve in every catagory.

CT – cognitive score this week…18!

OT – Hand dexterity test…Corey picked up a paper clip, bottle cap and penny with her left hand!

PT – walking test…Corey’s steps are longer, more controlled and she’s walking faster on her timed tests

Tomorrow she will finish her 4 Square test and 6 minute walking test before her shift in the cafe. This is Corey’s last full week at the cafe. It’s going to be a big week for her. Please pray she starts sleeping through the night.
More to come, xoxo