Hi Everyone,

For those of you who are not local and not on Facebook or those of you who couldn’t stay awake to see the 11:00 news, Chef Corey was featured on Philadelphia’a CBS3 evening news. The story title was “Hope in a Delaware Valley Kitchen”.

I’m hoping this link will work, if not I did find it by going to the stations website…


It’s not the OSCAR’s but Corey certainly deserves an award!

Thank you to the following to help spread Brain Injury Awareness and supporting the HARNESS HOUSE research project. This will in turn help thousands of other survivors and their families.

TY Jackie Beattie for contacting Not Your Average Joe’s to host the fundraiser
TY NYAJ’s for agreeing and treating Corey with such respect. Chef Mike, Nichole Manzo;manager, and their staff.
TY Devina Kumar for dedicating her PhD study to improve a survivors quality of Life
TY to Dr. Cole Galloway for his concept and Enliten for taking the vision and creating its reality
TY to Jennifer Sherlock for contacting Channel 3
TY to Jon Ristaino and Aaron Stevens of Farmcatmedia for our home video’s and Corey’s documentary footage.
TY to Vittoria Woodill and her team for creating an outstanding representation of Chef Corey’s return to the kitchen.
Special TY to our family for creating fundraising opportunities that help us get the services and opportunities for Corey to improve. To our close community of friends that continue to attend the events and support us with friendship and encouragement.
And most importantly, TY to Caitlin Beattie, for being here day-in and day-out, helping us laugh, helping me stay somewhat sane, helping to chauffeur Corey to appts when I need a break and photographing her sister’s recovery.

Not Your Average Joe’s in Glen Mills, PA will be donating 15% of every check each Tuesday this month…We still have the 15th, 22nd and 29th to dine out. If you’d like to see our little Chef in action, she will return March 22nd…you might want to make a reservation now that she’s a celebrity Chef…stay tuned for more video and coverage of Chef Corey…those network cooking shows have competition! xoxo